Food Storage: Common Food Preservation Techniques

Food Storage: Common Food Preservation Techniques

Food is one of our most basic necessities and because of this many food preservation techniques have been developed throughout the centuries. Preservation techniques help to keep food from going bad and spoiling. Preserving food is meant to slow down the disease causing bacteria that ultimately makes foods go bad or to kill off the bacteria all together.

When it comes to food storage, there are a number of preservation techniques that we use. Just a few of them include: dehydating, freeze drying, pickling, pasteurizing, refrigerating and freezing, and canning. Refrigerating and freezing is the most common type of food preservation. For example, if you leave milk out on the counter for hours the bacteria will naturally spoil the milk. Putting the milk in the refrigerator slows down the bacteria so that it takes a much longer time before the milk spoils.

Canning is another very common food storage preservation technique. Since about 1825 canning has been used to preserve food. Food is boiled until the bacteria is killed, and then the can is quickly sealed so that other bacteria cannot get in. Once canned food is opened it becomes susceptible to bacteria again.

Dehydrated food is often used as food storage because it can last for an incredibly long time without going bad. Some common dehydrated foods are powdered milk, dried meats, powdered soups, dried vegetables, and so on. Drying food storage can affect its taste and texture, however there are many dried foods that can yeild robust flavors.

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Freeze drying is one of the most popular food preservation techniques. Freeze drying preserves all of the foods original qualities including taste, texture, aroma, and nutritional value. Unlike other preservation processes, freeze drying does not alter the food. It just removes a significant amount of water from it.

Freeze dried food storage is highly popular with families who have food storage for emergency preparedness purposes, but some families buy and eat it on a daily basis because of its nutritional value. You can buy pre-made freeze dried meals from priemer food storage companies.

Salting and pickling are also too common ways to preserve food. Salt is often used with meat. It draws out moisture and kills bacteria. If meat is salted in cold weather it can actually last for years without going bad. In the past pickling was used to preserve all types of foods but today its use is limited. The process combines salt and acid to preserve food and to keep bacteria away. Today, pickling is typically just used to preserve cucumbers and turn them into pickles.

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