A juicy glazed ham for your guests

A juicy glazed ham for your guests

On these days where meat is accessible and food items can be easily purchased on grocery stores, there is no problem in obtaining your favorite food products. Hams can not only be served in holidays, it can also be a perfect choice on special occasions such as birthdays or dinners with friends. It you want one which has a juicy touch on this particular dish, a glazed ham can be an excellent option to serve to your guests.

Hams have been around since 1926 although raising and domesticating of pigs went back as early as 4900 B.C. Pork has been an essential content of the kitchen because of its taste and ability to stay longer once it is cured (food preserved by adding salt or nitrate). The meat is cooked in several ways enabling it to be a common ingredient in different dishes.

Glazed hams are commonly prepared after the special occasion since the different meat leftovers are compressed and still made useful through this dish. It can also be prepared if you want to serve ham but with a different twist to its flavor. A variety of glazes with different flavors can serve as a guide to for the taste you want your ham to assume.

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The ham is scored diagonally on each side producing diamond shaped cuts on the surface. Cloves are then inserted between these spaces. If the ham is already cooked, you just need to apply the glaze on the surface using a brush or spatula. If it still needs to be baked, then place it inside the oven for the length of time indicated on the cooking manual.

After doing so, thatís the time the glaze is applied. Pineapple, apricot, honey and the usual sugar-mustard are among the popular choices. After the glaze coating is finished, the ham is returned inside the oven. An internal temperature is needed before the ham is taken out and ready to be served to the guests.

Different types of this food are available. Some of these are the canned ham which is preserved inside a can and is ready to be eaten once opened. Another is the boneless ham which as its name suggests is purely meat and fat. Furthermore, another type in the form of Deli ham which is lesser cured resulting to a subtle flavor. Many other types are available and each had undergone different processes which gave them their own distinction.

Since hams are one of the high cholesterol foods to avoid, it should be consumed infrequently. This is to prevent the occurrence of different diseases associated with eating too much foods rich fat and salt content.

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