Get Ready for the Best Espresso Experience

Get Ready for the Best Espresso Experience

If you want an exceptional cup of java, start with Italian espresso coffee beans. These deep brown beans produce a coffee with rich bold flavor. The finely tuned roasting technique used on the beans creates an Italian blend with no acidic overtones. Coffee lovers buy this blend in whole bean packages. Experts recommend you grind the beans immediately prior to brewing for best results.

The Beans

Start with quality beans and the end product is a great cup of espresso. A satisfying espresso experience means the first step was the perfect blend. Arabica beans, which are famous for rich flavor and lower caffeine contents, are popular for Italian espresso. Often Robusta beans, which notably have a stronger taste, form a great combination with Arabica.

Italian Espresso Pods

You can also obtain Italian espresso pods. This pre-packed convenience driven product makes a single serving. Save time on grinding and measuring. Beans are ground and put into special packaging that maintains freshness.

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Sealing in a foil pouch ensures the pods from oxygen exposure. Manufacturers claim an 8 to 12-month shelf life.

The Espresso Experience

For coffee aficionados, not only is the blend important when drinking espresso, so is the cup. There are several factors to consider when searching for the best espresso cups. Durable construction and a well-designed handle are important. Heat retention is definitely another consideration. Depending on your budget, pricing is a factor. Eye appeal counts too. Finding the best style at the right price for the espresso experience is part of the package.

Double Espresso Cups

When you want to linger over an Italian espresso, think double. Cups constructed with double walls keep this wonderful elixir warmer longer. These double espresso cups come in various designs and colors. Another feature of these cups involves more coffee. You can get a double shot into your cup. Double walled and double shots might be your choice for the best in espresso cups.

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