The All Time Favourite Dessert, Ice Cream

The All Time Favourite Dessert, Ice Cream

The frozen dessert that is made out of cream and butterfat, a little milk and sugar is called Ice Cream. These basic ingredients and then usually mixed with flavouring or fruit. There are plenty of flavours around, such as chocolate, vanilla ice cream, caramel, strawberry, honeycomb, rum and raisin, macadamia … an unlimited combination.

Nearly all good ice cream contains sugar but there are some that use other sweeteners. Probably the first thing people think when dessert is mentioned is some lovely, creamy ice cream – everyone loves eat. These ice creams are favourites no matter what age and there is a favourite for children right up to the elderly.

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There are so many fantastically delicious and rich flavours and varieties available, just look at your local ice cream display. But read the label as sometimes there is artificial colouring and flavour added in place of good natural ingredients. Now with summer coming up, the sales of ice cream soars because people love the instant cool refreshment that it gives you each lick at a time. The biggest seller is the vanilla ice cream , it has around 35% of the sales, that would be because it’s not just a great flavour but it goes with so many things like in milkshakes and with apple pies.

Making ice cream at home is always a concern that maybe it won’t work out, such as the creamy texture won’t be right. All you need to make sure is to stir the mixture slowly while it cools and freezes, this makes it creamy and smooth because large ice crystals don’t form.

Once you have that perfected try some a little more adveturous , have a go at a mochi ice cream recipe. Another thing you want the ice cream to have would be a nice appetising colour – you want it to look like the flavour it is meant to be such as a pale pink for strawberry, light green for mint and a dark brown for chocolate – looks nice and makes it look natural.

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