What Is A Raw Food Diet About?

What Is A Raw Food Diet About?

The idea of a raw food diet has gathered quite a following in recent years. The main idea of raw foodism as it is called, is to eat uncooked and unprocessed food. Foods eaten do not pass heat beyond 118ºF so that all the nutrients and vitamin compounds are kept intact. Going on one of these diets is a lifestyle much like vegetarianism; it is not a weight loss program although raw foodists insist that it can lead to a leaner body, higher energy, better digestion and healthier skin. Sticking to a pure raw diet can have some malnutrition risks so food intake needs to be monitored correctly to ensure a balanced diet.

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The raw food diet mostly consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, sprouts, nuts and certain weeds. They also refrain from processed drinks and use juicer machines to make fresh vegetable and fruit juices. When it comes to eating meat, there are some raw food purists who do not eat any meat at all regardless of how it is prepared.

They say that there are certain parasites in raw meat and fish that actually contradict the raw food diet. They are able to get their protein from other sources such as seeds and nuts. There are, however other raw food enthusiasts who are more open to eating raw meats and fish, eggs and unpasteurized dairy products.

Preparing raw food can be a bit of work, there is a lot of peeling, chopping and slicing involved. Since the food is not cooked, raw foodists use other tools in preparing their food. A dehydrator is often used, it blows warm air not more than 118ºF to keep vegetables crunchy and dry fruits. Things like a juicer machine, blenders and home food processors are also used for fast and easy preparation.

The raw food diet is not for everyone, it is not advisable for people with calcium deficiency, pregnant women and children. Some known side effects are mild headaches, nausea and lower bone mass.

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