Prescription Sunglasses: The Best Protection For The Vision Impaired

Prescription Sunglasses: The Best Protection For The Vision Impaired

When the summer comes and the air is warm and the sun is bright people will flock to beaches, lakes, rivers or just outside in general like birds migrating south for the winter. It is no secret that we enjoy the sun and doing activities outside. Most of us wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation and to make it more comfortable to see while outside. What about those that need to wear glasses daily to see? They can wear traditional sunglasses but at the cost of being able to see.

The best way to marry prescription eye glasses and sunglasses is to create prescription sunglasses. This is also the best of both worlds for someone with vision impairment. They can see properly and they get the same type of protection that those of us that get to wear regular sunglasses have.

Prescription sunglasses use the exact same prescription that the person has for their daily use glasses. This makes going between the two very transparent. Think of prescription sunglasses like regular glasses just with a film of UV protection and shade on them.

One benefit of having prescription sunglasses over the other popular options such as clip-on shades is that you don’t have to wear your glasses. This might not seem like a big deal but consider that wearing clip-on shades makes the glasses heavier. Now you have 4 lenses resting on your nose whereas with prescription shades you just have the 2. The heavier the glasses the more likely they are to fall off and become damaged.

Another benefit that prescription shades has over any other prescription option available to the seeing impaired is that they can offer more protection. Transition lenses and clip-on shades cannot match the same protection that traditional sunglasses can give but prescription sunglasses can. They can protect your eyes from the UV rays and glare better allowing you to stay out longer in the sun without risk of damaging your eyes.

Even though you may have to wear prescription glasses there are options available for protective eyewear against the sun’s harmful rays. One such option is prescription shades with their ability to block UV rays and glare it makes them the best protection one can get while still being able to properly see.

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