Hair Implant Surgery Facts

Hair Implant Surgery Facts

Treatments for baldness are very popular kinds of cosmetic surgery in a lot of places around the world especially in the US and Europe. It is amazing to find out that a lot of people are willing to spend thousands of precious dollars just to get hair growing again on a balding area of their scalp. Perhaps, these people view baldness or hair loss as a disease of old men and nobody wants to be considered old at any stage of their lives. Most of us want to live the fantasy of being forever young and one way to escape reality is to do whatever is possible to maintain a youthful looking and full head of hair.

If you have developed bald spots or your crown area is totally bald, there’s only one effective hair loss treatment for you so you can grow your hair again in these bald areas and this treatment is through the method of transplanting healthy hair follicles from an unaffected area of the scalp into the balding area. Most cases of hair loss in men are caused by male pattern baldness and, if a man is suffering from this genetic condition, his hair loss is a set pattern so it is expected that he loses hair at the hair line above his head, the crown area and the top of the head. The back of the head is left with abundant hair growth which is harvested when the bald areas are needed to be filled in. During hair implant surgery, the cosmetic surgeon is going to remove hair follicles from the back area and these are implanted into the bald areas of the scalp.

There are four kinds of hair grafts or hair transplants that you can choose from. One of them is slit graft where a slit of the scalp is taken from the donor site and then it is inserted via incision into the balding area. Each of these slit grafts has about 30 hairs. The implanted grafts look unnatural because of the large size of the graft and it is in a straight line. The second kind of graft is called the rounded punch graft. Each graft has approximately ten hair units and it looks more natural than a slit graft but it can still be noticed.

The two techniques that produce the most unnoticeable grafts are mini-grafts and micro-grafts. The mini-graft usually contains four hairs and it looks quite natural. For the most natural look, the micro-graft is the only option. These are actually follicular groups that contain one to three hair units. The sizes of these grafts are the same as a natural follicular group so they are hardly noticeable even when closely inspected.

Naturally, the total hair transplant cost increases as you have to use smaller units. Also, you will need more grafts to cover a large bald spot. Despite the cost, the technique of micro-grafting assures a better outcome for hair loss restoration. If you have the budget for it, you should grab the chance to have this technique.

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