Percocet Addiction and Fioricet Addiction

Percocet Addiction and Fioricet Addiction

Percocet is a medication available by prescription. It is of great help when it comes to relieving moderate to severe pain. However, a lot of people misuse and abuse this substance. Aside from being free from pain, an individual undergoes a pleasurable, euphoric feeling. The patient tries to recreate all these effects by taking more of the drug. By increasing the dosage of the tablets, the tolerance to the drug is also increased. This pattern of behavior is Percocet addiction and it affects millions of people all over the world.

If a person stops taking the drug, he or she will experience uncomfortable and unpleasant Percocet withdrawal symptoms such as muscle pain, sweating, fever, dry mouth, nausea, insomnia, gastrointestinal distress and runny eyes and nose. Abruptly stopping or reducing the intake can lead to convulsions and seizures. It is highly advisable to seek medical and professional supervision before going through Percocet withdrawal.

Fioricet is a combination drug that consists of the stimulant caffeine, the barbiturate butalbital and the pain reliever acetaminophen. It is primarily used to treat the pain of tension headaches and migraines since the components work to relax the muscles and helps constricts the blood vessels in the head. When taken at high doses or for extended periods of time, this can be habit forming and can often lead to Fioricet addiction. Because the drug is very addictive and has a high abuse potential, it is crucial that you talk with your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medication.

Withdrawal symptoms of Fioricet include nausea, cramping, an upset stomach, anxiety, insomnia and seizures. The effects can last for up to 15 days, depending on the severity of the addiction as well as the health of the user. Moreover, an allergic reaction to this drug is possible and can even be life threatening.

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