Never Ending Gifts

Never Ending Gifts

“Here we go again” you might say, as yet another round of gift buying starts. After Christmas, Valentine’s Day seems to come along ever to rapidly. Then it is Easter, when many people expect some sort of gift. Independence Day (if you’re in the USA) is followed by Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Then Christmas comes round again, all the time intermingled with birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements and so on. It sometimes seems like a whole part of your life is set aside for buying some sort of gift that is original, thoughtful and unique compared to all of the others that the recipient gets.

Well, we all need some kind of inspiration and so here are just a few ideas, based on the author’s experience, that could just stand out as being especially memorable the next time you’re on the gift buying treadmill:

Pampering – buying vouchers for a day at the local spa may at first not seem too exciting, but if it allows the lucky recipient to spend a day away from all of his or her worries enjoying exactly the type of relaxation that is preferred, it could be the most welcome day for a long time.

Household goods – most gifts of household goods are at best received with lukewarm delight. Go for something different such as pottery wine goblets and you could have a surprisingly grateful response.

Adornment – clothes purchases are highly personal and often matter-of-fact in gift terms. But treat her to something special and long lasting such as a heart charm bracelet and she will recall it for a long time.

Reading – books are often the last resort of folks who have run out of other ideas and they go to the current best sellers as a way to fill the needed gap. Why not instead go for something more challenging and thought provoking? For example, books such as The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau encourage the reader to think about how people from different backgrounds are so deeply affected by their history.

Excitement – many people endure the rigor of driving day to day and have an urge to experience the excitement of a more high speed challenge. Take a look at local car and kart courses to see what is available, whether for him or for her, subject of course to the signals that you’ve already picked up about hidden desires.

These are just a few ideas and obviously each purchase must fit the recipient’s circumstances and preferences as well as your budget. But use these as just one way to provide at least a little inspiration the next time you are buying and your effort may turn out to be the special thought that is remembered for a long time to come.

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