How to Paint Toenails Like a Professional

How to Paint Toenails Like a Professional

You do not need to go for an expensive pedicure to get fantastic looking toenails. If you have a few extra minutes each week, you can easily paint your own toenails and even add salon quality designs. If you are one of those women who loves to show off your pretty toes feet during the warm summer months, you will enjoy being able to redo your toenails whenever you choose. If you have never tried painting your own toenails or have been unsuccessful in the past, the following tips will help you to learn how to paint toenails just like the professionals do.

Get your feet and toenails ready before you begin painting your nails. Trim and file your toenails and remove any toenail paint with a gentle nail polish remover. If you spend a lot of time wearing sandals, you may need to wash your toenails, so they are nice and clean before you begin painting. Once your feet are clean and dry, apply a clear base coat to your toenails and let them air dry for five minutes. The base coat is easy to apply and will help the colored nail polish go on much easier. Use a high quality, newer nail polish that is free of clumps, to ensure easy application. Carefully apply colored nail polish and let it dry, then apply a second coat if needed. Once your toenails are thoroughly dried apply a topcoat polish. This will help to protect your nail color. Use a Q-tip with a dab of nail polish remover to remove any nail polish smudges around your toenails.

If you want to have a unique design on your toenails then purchase a nail art stencil kit. Choose a stencil kit that includes nail art polish and follow the package directions. If you have a creative flair, then buy a nail pen kit and draw your own different designs. With a bit of practice, you can create hearts, flowers, butterflies and pretty patterns. A book on nail design will give you plenty of beautiful design ideas and tips. For a bit of sparkle add fake gems to your freshly painted toenails. You can find fake gems in a variety of pretty and unique shapes and colors.

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