The pros and cons of Bare Minerals Blush

The pros and cons of Bare Minerals Blush

Recent advertisements on the television feature different interesting products for women. One of these is a blush without the use of artificial ingredients. This Bare Minerals Blush is naturally made with earth elements producing no sensitivity reactions for the buyers.

It is composed of earth minerals such as antioxidants, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride and many others. These components combined produce a lustrous effect on the skin giving it a natural glow. Added feature such as extra sunscreen is beneficial to those who usually spend time under the sun.

This blush has the effect of subtlety in the features. Because the shades are of elusive colors, it does not create a blatant color on the cheeks. The shades come out natural to the skin. It is available in palettes which are of peach, pink and purple origin.

Because the components are of natural source, it is good for women who have problems on acne, skin discolorations and freckles. It enables the skin to breathe easily therefore it doesnít clog the pores. It is convenient if you use to layer your blush with different colors.

During application, the blush should be angled to create a well-defined cheekbone. By sweeping the blush horizontally, it may cause your face to look flat. Gliding too much on your cheekbones can deepen the color. This can be fixed by a small amount of foundation pressed on that area.

Even with these benefits, this product has its downsides. Because it is in powder form, it is difficult to control the amount of blush which goes with the brush. Even with just a few strokes, the colors on the cheeks tend to deepen. Without proper control on the brush, the color could get everywhere. It is important therefore to purchase a good brush when using the item. Although the product claims to be non-allergic, certain women possess that extra sensitive skin common to cosmetics. It is best to check out your sensitivity by rubbing the blush in your forearm.

This cosmetic goes well with different skin care products which help you maintain the wellbeing of your skin. When purchasing products, always weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each item. Also take note of your own preference as this can play a big part on your inclination towards that cosmetic. Always make sure that the benefits outweigh the detriments of the item you wish to procure.

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