Water vs laser liposuction

Water vs laser liposuction

One of the more common cosmetic surgery techniques that many people are undergoing is liposuction. You can see liposuction in Florida, Vietnam, Australia and in almost every developed city. Due to such high market demand, we are seeing a number of modern techniques being introduced in the market at a high frequency. These procedures have stated that they are superior to what is currently available, which has aroused the interest of many potential patients. However, such a quick influx of new procedures might be confusing to some If that is the case,you will find more information that will help to differentiate between the different new techniques.

Most of these new techniques will start with melting the targeted fats. The intention is to make the removal process smoother. The way the melting process is conducted is what separates one technique from another.

Among the many techniques, laser liposuction is a rather favored selection. For this procedure, doctors will leverage on a plastic optic to release energy from the laser. Due to laser being so targeted, there is less bruising and internal injuries. That being said, laser lipo can still result in damages if the surgeon is not competent in using a laser.

A similar technique to laser lipo is the newly established slim liposuction. This procedure is developed from many years of R&D. Compared to regular laser lipo, slim lipo uses a more spread out optic that can give out more laser energy. This means that lower power laser can be administered for the fat softening portion, which lessens the odds of sustaining any burns.

Another new method for body contouring is called water liposuction. This procedure uses a non heat process to soften the fats. Unfortunately, you can only locate this new procedure in some parts of Europe. As a result, This resulted in a absence of reviews on the actual procedure and how effective it really is.

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