Fine Ruby Earrings Are Always Worth Purchasing

Fine Ruby Earrings Are Always Worth Purchasing

One can think of many occasions during the year when you have to find great gifts. Jewelry is one of the most popular gift choices, especially for things like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas but the costs of precious metals and gems has increased several hundred percent and this is especially true of gold and diamonds. Fifteen years ago gold was about $350 an ounce. During this period the price has nearly tripled to nearly $900 and with the major civil unrests in the largest diamond producing regions of Africa the price of diamonds has kept pace with the price of gold.

There are alternative however, that will allow you to get great jewelry at lower prices. Take earrings for instance. Instead of using diamonds rubies are much less expensive and if you are willing to settle for treated rubies you can lower the price of ruby earrings a great deal. Treated rubies are defective in at least one respect, and in many cases more than one respect. These rubies are especially treated by using resins to fill in cracks and fissures and then adding a thin layer of coloring agent to increase the red of the ruby. While these gems do not have the value of untreated gems they appear natural and look great. This means when you are buying treated rubies you can save enough money on the gem to increase the amount of or other metal in the mounting and you can get a much better looking ring.

The trick to get the best deal on fine ruby jewelry is to know as much about both precious metals and precious stones. There is a great deal of information about both of these subjects on the internet. Taking the time to learn about this subject will save you a lot of money and even embarrassment when you buy something that is not as it is advertised.

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